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NonProfit Design/Build 

YouthBuild Boston occasionally works with other non-profits who are in need of design and construction services. Our community partners find that YBB is often able to offer a lower rate than a traditional design firm or contractor since we are a non-profit ourselves, yet our quality standards meet or exceed those of any professional design firm or construction company.

Affordable Housing 

YouthBuild Boston has strong ties with the city of Boston and other area non-profits with which we work collaboratively to develop single and multi-family residences that are sold to first time homebuyers under the city’s affordable homeownership program. Projects like these allow our students to experience every aspect of residential construction, while making an impact in their community.

Community Service

Non-profit friends and neighbors of YBB who are in need of building or site improvements serve as the hosts of a one-day service event where volunteers are able to make a difference in Boston's undeserved communities. YBB provides all materials, tools, rentals, assembly instructions, carpenter guidance, and volunteer kits at no cost to the non-profit partner. 

Home Improvement

YBB's home improvement initiative provides service learning opportunities for our students in the form of home repair, falls prevention, weatherization, and universal design projects for seniors and people with mobility challenges. Homeowners who are aged 62 or older, and/or disabled or mobility-challenged and living on low to moderate income in the city of may be eligible for these services.


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