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Thank You Bank of America

On Thursday, November 3rd, 28 Bank of America employees teamed up with YouthBuild Boston (YBB) students and staff to make improvements for two of Roxbury’s greatest community assets:

Hawthorne Youth and Community Center (HYCC)

Haley House

Since 1967, HYCC has served the needs of its community through various programs and activities. Most recently, HYCC has begun a program called “Grow It! Cook It! Share It!” that teaches young people about nutrition and healthy living through urban gardening and cooking workshops. Volunteers helped bolster the program by refurbishing three large garden beds, building 5 new covered garden beds for winter growing, building four new community picnic tables, and by performing general site maintenance and clean-up. HYCC says the work that our team completed last Thursday has let the community know that HYCC is still thriving after the passing of their beloved director, Samantha Sadd, and we were thrilled to help HYCC carry on the legacy of such a cherished individual within our community.

HYCC’s neighbor and community partner, Haley House, has been tending to a community garden and urban farm at a nearby city-owned piece of land since Spring 2014. At this location, YBB arranged activities such as:

  • Building a new rinsing station for vegetables
  • A storage corral for wheelbarrows
  • 6 new Adirondack chairs for well-deserved staff breaks

As the recipient of Bank of America’s 2014 Neighborhood Builder’s award, Haley House was the perfect candidate for Bank of America’s service project sponsorship. Though this service event, Bank of America employees learned even more about Haley House’s great mission to fight social inequality and injustice through their unique programming at a soup kitchen, food pantry, and local food establishments. The urban farm where the volunteers worked last Thursday grows the food crops that Haley House uses in their dishes at the nearby bakery Café and pizza joint. Volunteers also had the privilege of enjoying some of Haley House’s delicious baked goods for breakfast that morning!

We had a spectacular time working with Bank of America employees to help these two wonderful organizations. Thank you HYCC and Haley House for giving us the opportunity to give back, and thank you Bank of America for sponsoring this month’s service event!